Chinese chestnut and chicken leg recipe

Chinese chestnut and  chicken leg

Chinese chestnut and  chicken leg is a simple chinese home cooking,taste nice,make it easy.


Two chicken leg and Chinese chestnut

Shaoxing  wine,soy sauce,sugar,five spice powder,chicken essence,salt,ginger slice,green onion


Cut two chicken legs to cubes,put to boiling water to cook,add cooking wine,cook for 2 minutes,peel chinese chestnut,cut red and green pepper to cubes

add chinese chestnut and oil to wok ,stir-fry until turn yellow.Then get chinese chestnut out.

add sugar to wok,when sugar melt,add five spice powder cook for a moment,then add chicken ginger slice and green onion,stir-fry,when chicken dry,add shaoxing wine,if you don't has shaoxing wine,can use liqueur or cooking wine.

add a spoon soy sauce,chicken essence,salt,Stir evenly.

add hot water over high heat,bring to boil then turn to low heat for 15 minutes.

finally over high heat make sauce become sticky,then add red and green pepper.OK!



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